Internet Explorer 9

Popular web browser for Windows with many security and privacy features


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  • Category Web browsers
  • License Free
  • Version Windows 7 32-bit 9.0.8112.16421
  • Size 18.12 MB
  • Works under Windows 8 / Windows 7
  • Language English
  • Program by Microsoft

Internet Explorer 9 upgrades previous editions of this Microsoft browser and helps it compete directly with big names like Firefox and Google Chrome.

Though most computers that use Windows operating systems come with a version of IE already installed, many users only use IE to download another browser. Microsoft added new updates to IE 9 that turn it into one of the top web browsers. While you may still prefer an alternative browser, you can't dispute that these features will make surfing the web, chatting and even shopping online a little easier.

A common complaint many had about IE 7 and earlier editions was that those browsers just ran too slowly. The browsers lacked the hardware needed to help you surf with ease, and your computer slowed down even more when you opened multiple tabs. New accelerated hardware now lets IE 9 run as quickly as any other browser does.

It also comes with a new interface that you can completely customize in terms of button placement, colors, background and even font size. A small search bar on the top right lets you select your default search engine and search for information without loading that search engine first. You'll also find that you can now open more tabs, move those tabs around and view various pages without your browser slowing down to a crawl.

You'll love the new security and privacy features. With InPrivate mode, you can view hundreds of websites, watch dozens of videos and even view images without those pages appearing in your history. When you share a computer with someone else, that other person will have no access to your browsing history. A new filter shows you all the security info you need about a specific site to help you avoid potentially dangerous websites, and other security features will keep you from accessing sites loaded with malware and adware.

While Internet Explorer 9 is head and shoulders above IE 8, it still lacks some of the features you'll find on other browsers. It takes up more space than other browsers do and is still a little slower than other browsers. Some dislike that it cannot let them sync their bookmarks on IE with other devices used under the same account, and others don't like the limited plugins and extensions that are available. Internet Explorer 9 will also only work with the Windows 7 operating system.


  • Significant improvement over past editions of Internet Explorer
  • InPrivate browsing offers secure and private browsing
  • New interface lets you customize your online experiences
  • Security tools prevent access of dangerous or harmful sites
  • Keeps websites and programs from tracking your online movements


  • Only works with Windows 7
  • Not as fast as other browsers
  • Requires more hard drive space than other browsers
  • Will not work with some extensions and plugins
  • Lacks popular features like bookmark syncing
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